• Smart X7Smart X7
  • PenguinPenguin
  • BearBear
  • Smart X3Smart X3
  • Smart X4Smart X4
  • Smart A3Smart A3
  • Smart S5T 10 inchSmart S5T 10 inch
  • Smart-X5Smart-X5
  • iStick 60w TCiStick 60w TC
  • Smok micro oneSmok micro one
  • Target 75wTarget 75w
  • OBS criusOBS crius

About UsMOER>>

ShenZhen Leyixing Electronic Co., Ltd (Joy4life Electronic Co., Ltd)  is a professional innovative manufacturer specializing in R&D, Production and Sale of electronic cigarette and accessories with high quality and good price. We have obtained CE and RoHS certification.

Electronic cigarette have no-tar, no-ash, no second hand smoking, no fire risk and no cancerous substances. You can smoke it anywhere anytime. Along with the globalization of smoking ban in public, electronic cigarette will gradually replace classic cigarette and become the most popular products.

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