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Ireland: E-cigarette Brand VIP Opens 'Vaping Store' in Dublin Airport

Views: Date£º2014/8/7

       Irish electronic cgarette firm VIP has opened its 32nd physical sales outlet in Irelad since

launching here in October 2012.

       It is in Dublin Airport's Terminal 2 and is the first'vaping store'in any airport in the country.

       This follows recent VIP store openings in Tralee,Co Kerry and Crumlin in Dubin. VIP plans to

open six more locations between now and October and by the end of this year will have an etimated

total of 45 stores and 90 staff with more plans to expand.

       Managing director Joe Dunne introduced the VIP brand to the Irish market in October 2012,

initially opening a store in the Jervis Center in Dulin and then expanding into Stephen's Green


        It is currently the brand leader in the e-cigarette market here in Ireland. Enditem

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