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  • Product Name:Smart X3
  • Model:Smart X3
  • Release Date:2015-08-11
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Product Description


Item Name   E-TSmart X3
Colors Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Green
Max speeding About 10Km/h
Maximum Mileage  About 15~20Km
Battery capacity  156Wh
Maximum radient  15°
Applicable temperature -10¡æ~40¡æ
Charging Time   About 120 minutes
Maximum load  120Kg
Size  L*W*H 548mm*186mm*178mm
Tire Size  Dimension 170mm(6.7 inch)
Weight   10Kg (Without auxiliary wheel)
Certificates   ROHS ,CE,FCC
Features 1.Bluetooth function, can connect with mobile phone and play mobile phone music     2.Front and rear colorful LED marquee make night riding safer and cooler.                     3.Optional increasing USB external charging port


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